Point of Sale

Run your bar or restaurant efficiently.


A Birds-eye view on your restaurant

With the floors & tables manager.


Integrated Inventory management

Real time control & accurate forecasts to manage procurements.


Sync POS orders

Create order in POS1, expand it in POS2, get payment in POS3

Kitchen Screen

Order Priority, Waiting Time, Order line notes etc. Visible in the screen.Chef can update the state of order line to Cooking, Ready to Serve, Done (Served)

Food Delivery Management

Every business requires customer satisfaction to earn high revenues; hence, delivery options are offered to the customers so that they can receive their products on their desired locations. However, only delivery is not sufficient but you need to ensure that delivery of the products is done timely as well safely..

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Management of 

loyalty points and rewards.


Redemption of physical gift cards at a store or online redemption of discount coupons. 

Easy reversal of order payments during refunds.

Order Notes

Notes per order line

Management of dynamic bundled products across multiple categories.

Management and delivery of gift orders.

Stock Control


Branch Management

Employees Management

Simple Invoicing.


Better Customer Management.

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Better Inventory Management.


Quick Payments.

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